Monday, 19 May 2008

DF in Statistics youtube

ANOVA in SPSS from youtube

DF, Chi square etc

After so many years of using statistics and stats software I still do not understand degrees of freedom and chi-square concepts clearly.. If someone asks me what they are, I will not be able to explain...

Useful sites for SPSS

UCLA SPSS Class Notes, Version 2.0: (includes SPSS tutorial movie files)

Internet Guide to SPSS for Windows:

Advanced Statistics from Memphis University:

Internet Guide to SPSS for Windows:

Quantitative Usability and Statistics:

Interactive tutorials to use SPSS (MS-PowerPoint files):

Introduction to SPSS from Syracuse University:

Quantitative methods in social sciences, university of Columbia site:

Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study:

Very very useful notes on SPSS:

The basics of SPSS from Reed Univeristy

Free public health software